Do you Believe in MAGIC?

Your PTA can make money and increase membership without selling products door to door. Sponsoring an evening of magical family entertainment is fun and easy, because we have everything you need…and we do most of the work!

Here’s how it works:

Magic Hotline provides tickets, ticket sales kits, advertising posters and flyers, and souvenir programs…plus a wonderful family-friendly full evening magic show. Your school provides the auditorium, and your members sell the tickets to family and friends. Proceeds are split 50-50, and your organization can make additional money by selling refreshments the night of the show.

Magic Hotline provides a FREE, short magic show at one of your regular meetings, creating another reason for parents to want to attend–and join! This free show is also a promotional kick-off for the full evening fundraising show the next month.

Magicians don’t usually tell their secrets, but Kent Cummins has been helping organizations earn money ever since he was a student at Baton Rouge Junior High School in 1957, putting on two shows benefiting the March of Dimes.

Now Kent is available to help your PTA earn money and increase membership…just like magic!

There are a limited number of dates still available. Contact Magic Hotline today.

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